Understanding The Repair Process

 Before any work will be performed, our staff will assess the damage and write the estimate. After everything has been inspected we will explain which areas of your vehicle need repaired and answer any questions that you may have. If you are placing an insurance claim, your insurance adjuster may write you an estimate. That is the estimate needed to begin the repair process. In some cases your insurance company may not have local representation.  Be sure to ask your claim handler if they will be sending someone to inspect your vehicle. Once you schedule the vehicle for repairs we will order all necessary parts.

When the vehicle is dropped off for repairs, our expert technicians will “blue print” your vehicle. This means they will disassemble your vehicle as needed to discover any hidden damages. While doing this, they will write a “supplement” of any additional damages or operations that may have been missed on the original estimate. We will then handle this with the insurance company (if applicable) to obtain an approval on those items. We will then order any additional parts needed and continue repairs.

Then all damaged parts are repaired or replaced. Next your vehicle will be prepped, masked, primed, sanded and sealed.  Then our expert paint team refinishes your vehicle to factory specifications.  It is then “baked” in our paint booth to ensure a full cure. After it has been painted it will then be reassembled.  All panels will be fitted, aligned and finishing touches such as buffing and replacing emblems will then be done. Once this is finished, our technicians will test drive the vehicle. It will then be washed and have a final inspection performed  for quality assurance  before delivering the vehicle to you.